1. #chillestrideever

  2. 3rd Beach sunset Renovatio.

  3. Perfect end to the day.

  4. Nightriders North Van return.

  5. Nightriders Demo Forest hammer fest.

  6. Buntzen Lake morning adventure.

  7. Leader Renovatio.

  8. Renovatio by Leader x Pedal Consumption. Pedal Room: http://www.pedalroom.com/bike/renovatio-leader-x-pedal-consumption-14996.

  9. Demonstration Forest sunrise adventure.

  10. Renovatio.

  11. Velodrome bound. Photo credit: Alex M.

  12. NightRidersYVR March 19th ride to Steveston with Alex, Baz, Chris, Matt and Stefan.

  13. Drops vs risers.

  14. Renovatio.