1. Farmers Market, Gardens, Alberta St.

    My whole stay in Portland, I’ve been surrounded with fresh fruit and vegetables from the countless farmers in the area. The Portland Farmers Market, one of many weekly markets around town, was a showcase of all that the city has to offer. With produce, baking, preserves, meats and food carts to name just a few, all within three blocks I picked up some fruit for later between food cart snacks. Fresh food everywhere. What’s not to like.

    Headed up to Japanese Gardens after, I wandered the grounds filling up my camera’s memory card with images of waterfalls, trees and the like. A beautiful space tucked into Washington Park, it was great to get away from the city for a bit. Leaving, I climbed through the streets in said park before winding my way back down to the city along quite, empty, curving roads through lush forest. The roads here are just great and a pleasure to ride, especially when you can hide from the hot sun above. Loved it.

    The sun didn’t stay around forever though and as storm clouds pushed in, I checked out NE Alberta St. where a 19 block, yes 19 blocks, street fair was being held. Free food along with music and merchandise from over 300 venders was on display which was just great. Busy day looking but, but great to see lots of local wares.

    Visit Stats

    Cafes: 3 Today, 20 Total  - Coffeehouse Northwest, Ristretto Roasters, Barista NE

    Cycling shops: 0 Today, 11 Total

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